Life is a race, whatever you do you always want to finish first

#006-Villenevue Kitesurf born from a 1977 Ferrari F1 Rear Wing. This specific wing was used in Monza Testing in 1977 from Jilles Villeneuve, Ferrari was doing some research on aerodynamics and added a cable in fron of the wing….This is the only wing of this type existing.

#004-Red Satellite is the artwork produced from a 1987 Front Nosecone and Wing of a Ferrari F1–87, a superb piece of history racing that was transformed in a Satellite from Cryptomotive.

Cryptomotive is a group of artist, the first in the world of Motorsport and car-related collectibles to enter the world of NFTs, the real revolution in the world of collectibles. What is an NFT? An NFT is a type of cryptographic TOKEN on a blockchain, which represents a UNIQUE asset…


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